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Restaurant & Bar

Est. 2023

Made With Love. Simply Delicious

Vietnamese Beef Noodle (Phở Bò) is one of the most popular dish in Vietnam. The origin of Vietnamese Beef Noodle originated in northern Vietnam and then became popular in Vietnam and many parts of the world after the Vietnam War.Vietnamese Beef Noodle is the combination of broth, rice noodles (Bánh Phở), some kinds of herbs, and beef or chicken. Vietnamese Beef Noodle is garnished with coriander leaves, green onions, and white onions. The characteristic of Vietnamese traditional food is often served with lots of herbs (Thai basil, Culantro), bean sprouts and various other accompaniments, such as hot chili sauce, hoisin sauce and a slice of lemon. Vietnamese beef noodle is a delicious soup. You will quickly fall in love with the traditional food because of its savory broth, chewy noodles, the tender beef slices, and scent and tastes of herbs. Vietnamese beef noodle is suitable for cold evenings, after a hard-working day, or even for those who are sick.


A Fresh and
Seasonal Cuisine

Coming to Phozen, you will enjoy the whole small Vietnamese cuisine. We serve all Vietnamese dishes with strong Vietnamese flavors. We also have seasonal dishes and drinks so that you will not feel bored with us.

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